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Aug 31

Airbnb -

Really nice video background. This would be cool for a Panthera redesign.

Aug 30

Use Written Suggestions to Get Ideas Out of Quiet Meeting Members

Aug 29

C3.js | D3-based reusable chart library

Aug 28

Medium’s CSS is actually pretty fucking good. — Medium

Modern Style Guides for Web Design and Development - Media Temple

If You Have 10 {Unaffiliated} Customers in SaaS — You Have Something. | saastr

User Interface Design Patterns and Wireframe Templates | UXPorn by UXPin

A Day Without Distraction: Lessons Learned from 12 Hours of Forced Focus - 99U

Aug 27

The 70% Rule--When to Delegate |

Aug 26

A Closer Look At Personas: A Guide To Developing The Right Ones (Part 2) | Smashing Magazine